Electric Efficient Heaters

Keeping warm can be an expensive task. Central heating systems can be financially draining to some and are often inefficient, boilers can break down frequently and need regular maintenance, or most heating systems will take a long time to kick in to provide sufficient heat to your home or place of work.

Energy efficient electric heating can be a fantastic way to quickly provide heat and to reduce the overall cost of your energy bills.

Furthermore, they are often easier to use and portable, so you can generate heat directly where it is needed.

What are Energy Efficient Heaters?

Energy efficient electric heaters can be categorized in two ways; electric heaters that provide more flexible and targeted heating, and electric process heaters that feature specific design aspects to increase their actual heat output efficiency while also reducing electrical usage.

Energy costs are expensive and rarely decrease in price so heating systems can be costly in the long run.

The main aim of energy efficient electric heaters is to reduce your energy usage and costs, but also allow you to control the heating of your office or house more efficiently.

What makes them Energy Efficient?

Below, I have listed the main reasons behind products becoming energy efficient.

Improved Technology

Many energy efficient electric heaters incorporate new features such as a timer, so they are not continually running and using electricity, thermostats to turn off the heating process at a pre-set temperature, and eco-performance, e.g., more resilient heating elements that can generate more heat using less power.


If you have a portable electric heater, it can be extremely efficient due to the level of control you have over its usage, giving it an increased life span when compared to normal heaters. Fixed heaters or radiators will provide constant heat to the whole room, giving little to no allowance for a variance.

With electric energy efficient heaters you can move them around to a particular spot you wish to heat and turn your other heat sources off. This direct method of heating is much more efficient than a central heating of your whole house by not wasting energy on rooms that you are not using.

What Types of Energy Efficient Heaters are There?

There are more heaters made than listed below like electric process heaters, outdoor heaters and industrial electric heaters. These two are the most common ones made that will have a focus on conserving energy while providing radiant heat.

Portable Electric Heaters

Portable energy efficient heaters are usually small and easy to carry without cluttering the area when not in use. These heaters are ideal for providing direct and energy efficient heat to a particular space.

For example, maybe you are doing some work in the attic and don’t have any central heating installed, a portable heater could easily be plugged in to keep you warm.

Wall Mounted Electric Heaters

These heaters are fixed and unmovable once installed. They connect directly to an energy source or a plug socket. Energy efficient heaters like this will provide heat to a whole room but work independently of a central heating system.

They will feature advanced thermostat controls to manage the temperature and to ensure that only the minimal amount of energy is being used.
Several different types of energy efficient electric heaters are built to suit different needs under various circumstances. As you can see this type of electric heater provides a real benefit and are a great addition to any home, office or place of work.